About Wave G

Wave G began providing residential Gigabit internet service to Seattle in 2008, and since then we’ve been pumping 100% digital, high speed, gigabit connectivity into residential buildings in other West Coast cities from California to Canada, including Portland and San Francisco. We could brag about our amazing technology and unmatched performance, but we find people are more interested in things like no contracts, no data caps, flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees, and friendly, helpful technical support from real, local folks.

Wave G for building owners and managers

Wave G drives resident satisfaction for building owners and managers by delivering lightning fast  Gigabit or 100Mbps symmetrical speeds so residents can stream, shop, work, and play with industrial-grade internet. We don’t require service or marketing exclusivity, and we offer our internet connection at no cost to the building’s office. Residents demand ultra-fast, ultra-reliable internet service. Wave G delivers—get future-proof internet on our world-class network backed by local service experts ready to serve your residents—and you—24/7.

Click here or call 844-779-2834 to get the full Gig today.